Monday, July 05, 2004


A CAT was spotted strolling in my living room!!! CAT!!! *screams* *runs and hide* How did it get in????? *thinking hard* was after all...MY FAULT! I left the windows OPEN while I was upstairs in my room. Well...why did I opened the window in the first place? was raining like cats and dogs in the afternoon. The whole circuit kept tripping so I decided to just let it be and turn it on when it stops raining. It was dark and scary and I was home ALONE. The roaring thunders and lightnings really scared me. I was sleepy, yet scared. It was already dark and getting a lil stuffy in the hall, so I decided to open the side window...for some air and light. Yes and after all that, I forgot to close it and because of that...the cat came in?? AARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Parents were out all day for some seminar. After dinner, which I drove out all by myself to buy back (there were practically nothing in the fridge). The second time I drove by myself. All in one day. Yea and so, after dinner, I went up to my room to do some stuffs and only came down when I heard a knock on the door. As I was walking down the stairs, I saw this black fury thingy with that long tail sticking up in the air...which obviously was a CAT...(ggrrr I HATE CATS!!!) was lingerring inside for few hours or what? What was it doing in here? Ironically, I saw it walking towards the couch which was near the window. Seems it was smart enough to know that my parents came back and it cleverly went out...through that same window. Like it had six sense or something (well dad's always the one chasing the cats away with his own tricks). So maybe it somehow knew. Hopefully it didn't leave any mark inside the house. At least I didn't know it was IN the house when I was all alone. Had an experience which made me hate cats!! I wouldn't know what to do. Scream shout and yell would seem like the only thing I'm capable of doing. Actions which seems kinda useless anywayz. Well, okay. Not kinda..but extremely useless. Hey but maybe screaming so loud it would actually scare the cat away? Haha...who am I kidding. I'll probably scare myself screaming so loud. Wonder why I get scared easily. Even the slightest thing can scare me. For example, just wait behind a door which I'm about to open...and just open it before I do real quickly. And there...mission of scaring me - succeeded!! See...EASY isn't it???

Oh well, I better get back to those books. Wait...I have no textbooks. Something about this uni...they never encourage students to get their own textbooks. Instead...they photocopy them for us. Chapther by it's not that heavy to bring it everytime we have classes. How good is that?


Ale said...

Quote and unquote "Hopefully it didn't leave any mark inside the house".

Any MARK??? MARK? PPRRAAAAaaaakkkkkKKKk!

eunice said...

aiyooo u reminded me of that...
*rolls on the floor*

Ale said...

Hahaha... YOu were the one who reminded me of that ler. Who ask you to forget the 's' ar?... MARKs... markS