Thursday, September 16, 2004

100 years

I've been playing that song by five for fighting in my mind over and over again. It's just such a lovely song. Don't exactly know why I'm so drawn to the song. No specific reasons this time. OR perhaps...I'm just missing my pee-ya-no!!! Sigh if only piano's were portable. Then wouldn't sound as nice anymore would it? Or perhaps if only someone was smart enough to make it portable yet it doesn't distort the authentic sound. Then again...who on earth would ever wanna do that?? Then again...if I could...I'd rather have a grand piano then a portable piano. did grand piano and portable ones come into the picture?? My mind's doing that thing again.

Back to the song. Would we live up to a 100 years? Why is it that as time goes by humans are not able to live as long as those ppl like noah and abraham? But I wouldn't wanna live up to a hundred years...would I?...Would YOU?? Sometimes I always just wish I'm up in heaven now. Then's not for me to decide when's THE TIME.

Talking about TIME...oooOOOOooo look at the time!! It's 5.48pm in Fiji. Yikes...gotta run! Need to rush to more slavery job! Ciaozz


Ale said...

I, Aletheia Ng, hereby testify that Eunice Goh Ern Hui, is a TRUE fan of the song '100 years' by Five for Fighting. She listens to it all day all night- whenever her MP3 is on. And she has been doing this eversince she moved into the CHERAS house- or maybe longer than that. Seriously. HEhehe..

Anonymous said...

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