Saturday, September 18, 2004

memory capacity declining!!!!!

I seriously need to do something with my capability of remembering things. Is there anything one can do to boost one's memory? I just realize that it has been deteriorating. Made a fool out of myself today. Haha...funny how I can remember the things I wished I could forget instantly. Why is it most of the times we don't remember the things we WANT to but we remember the things we just wish could like dissappear in an instant!! It's like the more u want to remember something..the more you forget it. Or unless it only happens to me...which I don't think so...right? Grr...

Feeling a lil saddened by the fact that many friends had gone overseas to continue their studies. Let's see...
- ym's in aus
- jan's in nz
- ky, jess and ian are in ukraine
- niz's in US
- bunch of my youths here and there (hmm basically canada/uk)
- DAD's in US
- KOKO's in canada
And another's leaving to UK tonight!!
And then more leaving next year to aus!!
Sighhh...everyone's everywhere!!

Time has certainly changed a whole lot of things. Friends becoming models...lawyers...doctors...engineers...geez...WE ARE taking over the world aren't we?? One of our friends could be the next prime minister...most successful business man...most talented speacialist...
It's kind of a scary thought for me. Thinking about the future just gives me the creeps at times...infact...most of the times!!

Will be watching the passion of Christ tmr! Have been looking forward to view that movie. Hopefully it touches the hearts of my friends and many others...knowing that it HAS been touching and changing many lives!

Well...really should be sleeping right now...NiTezzZZzzzz!!!!


Ale said...

Hehehe... M e m o r y capasity declining?
You old lady de ah? Hehehe...

Me old lady de.
Jie ni kan. I old lady de.

Hehehe 8)

eunice said...

na li you old lady?
lao po po chai na li?

ooo wo kan tau pu shi lao po po...shi yi ke xiao hai zi

(goodness...horrible han yun ping ying) <-- i think it's also wrong hahahaha