Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Somehow I just find myself feeling annoyed by people's hyprocrisy. One minute they're supporting you and the other they'll just go all out to spot even the slightest/smallest weak point and then dig deeper into it. WHY?? Why do people find it difficult just to stand FIRM on what they believe and not be easily influenced by anyone or anything for that matter?? Of course there'll be the famous excuse that NO ONE's PERFECT...but will that phrase be the explanation and window of oppportunity for us to do anything forbidden or against our conscience for that matter? After all... NO ONE's PERFECT!!!

Sorry bout that...just had to express the annoyance I'm feeling right now. Let's drop that!

So...it was a bright sunny day, yet I decided to walk to coll! That's my only source of exercize u know (yea I know..I'm a bum...a big fat lazy bum!!!). Decided to walk because I had no classes today. Then why on earth am I here? Well cos I wanted to go to the "ribrary" (it really sounds funny when me lecturer utters that word) to begin my assignments. It wasn't that bad since I could take my own sweet time on my walking pace. Haven't been walking much since I drove myself to cheras. Here are some reasons for my laziness to walk (yes...there MUST be a reason to everything haha)
--> The sun...the heat...the fact that everytime I walk to coll I'll enter class soaked wet in sweat
--> By being all sweaty and all...I'll then STINK!
--> It's dusty when it's a sunny day...muddy on a rainny day.
--> It's just so far!!
When one is lazy...there's just a gazillion excuses one can come up with. Be it lame or plain silly or dumb or unreasonable [YEA WE GET THE POINT!!]

I've been in the com lab for about 3 hours now. I can't make up my mind as to walk back now since it's like gonna rain. It's really dark now. But what if when I start walking it rains HEAVILY?? What if I don't go now...it just doesn't seem to rain until later? Grr...I think I just better go now before it gets darker or...blahhh what am I crapping?? Gotta run!!


Ale said...
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Ale said...

I believe we're on the same wave length here, my dear!