Tuesday, September 21, 2004

dreadful monday

Woke up to the freezing room I put myself into (forgot to put the timer AGAIN). I am in serious need to boost my memory. Mum suggested me to start taking gingko pills REGULARLY then again…I’ll only FORGET to take it.

I slept in the evening yesterday and went to bed early that night and yet I woke up feeling lethargic. Is there something wrong with me? I’ve been battling with myself to keep myself awake during lectures cos it was Java Programming and I can’t afford to miss out a single thing on what he’s saying cos then I’d totally won’t understand what he’s teaching at all (not that I’m digesting or absorbing anything from the lectures or notes) but at least I won’t be as lost as I would if I haven’t been listening at all…I guess. I don’t understand why we have to do java programming. I’ve an assignment due on the 6th October and I haven’t started!! I haven’t even download the JCreator thingy. Not that I didn’t try to…somehow I had troubles downloading it. Arrghh…I’ve been relaxing too much. Tests coming up assignment due dates approaching yet I’m just sitting here bloggin!!

Java Programming classes I admit…are quite interesting…but only if you understand what’s going on. The examples given by my lect in lay man’s term are simply hilarious. It’s kinda lame at the same time NOT lame. Like how he explains how we can come up with a program which would be always true given the conditions. So here’s what he says. “I can tell when’s each and everyone’s birthday. And you’ll have no choice but to say that it’s true. Let’s start with the boy over there. Okay…is your birthday in January or is it NOT in January?” Get what he’s trying to say? So we can actually tell anyone we know anything we wanna say we know by simply adding the NOT followed by the negative statement of the first statement. Arrghh…alright enough about all those nonsense.

Some may wonder why ppl love to blog. Be it about their daily routines, lifes, thoughts, opinions or just simply anything the writer wish to blog about. For me personally…it’s some sort of an exercise for my brain to work on its short-term memory capability. Blogging makes me think and reflect back on the day be it the good or the bad. Sometimes it’s just a source of outlet in which I’d just rattle on on nothing in particular but sometimes with things that makes me think too much even to the extend of confusing myself on what I’m thinking. Sometimes I think of the things beyond my comprehension which just simply boggles my mind yet I find it intriguing. But sometimes I can be such a slob to even give a simple opinion on something and when asked…how does this look? Or how’s this? Or how’s that? Or any how questions for that matter…and I’d simply reply with a “OKAY-lah”. Sometimes when debating on something or a certain opinion I am in need to make it purely clear…and when I finally get into it…I conveniently forget what I was trying to say or proof. And like now…I don’t know how I got myself talking about this. I guess this is what happens when you have too many things to think of at once. I just wished I could pour it all out one by one but by the time I finish one I’d forget all the others. Is this a disease? If so is it cure-able? Hah…I’m sure it’s not even a disease and I’m just exaggerating on the slightest things.

Alright…my mind’s gonna go berserk!! Signs of the somethingness of nothingness syndrome. Kayz better be goin before…

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