Thursday, September 23, 2004

What day is it today?

Today is a very special day. Why? On this very day back in the year 1986. Someone was born. That someone is one who's very dear to me now. She has been such an encourager and a faithful friend. Ever willing to lend her shoulder for me to cry on and her ears to listen to my blabberings everyday. She's such a beauty and a tremendous person and I'm so blessed to have such a person like her as my dearest cuzzie!! *runs and gives ale a hug* Come everyone...join me in the key of A to the tune of the birthday song. On a count of 3 we shall begin. 1...2...3!!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to ALETHEIA,
Happy birthday to you!!!

*walks towards Ale with a big huge chocolate cake stuffed with some lighted candles in it*
*trips over and flalls face front on the cake*

To be continued...

1 comment:

Ale said...

Alahhh... *blush* Me shy de..

My gosh! This is so touching wey...I wanna cry de..
*sniff sniff*

Well, my dear! I really wanna thank you for all you've done and given to me over the years. I really, really, really appreciate it! Thus, will I cherish all the moments we had together till the day we meet in heaven.
Hehe. LUv ya! 8)

By the way, all your lovely cake stories are super funny lahhh.. All end up in tragedy. Aihhh. So kesian lah. HEhehehehahahhehehhehahehehhe!