Sunday, September 12, 2004

happy and excited

YEAY -- currently feeling happy and excited. Why? Cos I can't wait to meet up with my dad and bro end of this year. I know it's still a while more til dec and semester has just begun and that there'd be plenty of work sooner but this exitement inside me is taking over every other thing I'm feeling right about now.

Just received a call from bro. The conversation went something like this
me: HELLO!!!
bro: hi
me: ah
bro: uh
me: mmm (giggles)
bro: huh? yea let's just make more noises like these (ah, huh, umm, uh...)
me: (laughin out loud)
bro: yes more noises like that....sounds like a zoo only.

Well obviously the conversation didn't just end there lah...there were loads to talk about after the maniacal beginning.

Then right now I'm chatting with dad. Sending back and forth emails since chat programs are illegal in his study place. It's kinda funny communicating with dad this way. Well as we kids probably never usually use proper english in mails...and parents being all professional in formal writtings, I must say dad learns fast. He gets what I'm writting and in return he's replying in that lingo nowadays. Not so formal and preachy. Can't blame him...he probably miss preaching a whole lot since he's been preaching like every sunday for the past 23 years or so. Sigh I just miss him so much.

Oh well it's getting late. I really should get some rest. Don't wanna be a zombie on a sunday morning. So...gNitez ppl!!!


Ale said... funnyyyyyy!!!!

eunice said...

funny? what's funny?