Sunday, September 12, 2004


Yea...I just realized I have this 'obsession' (well alright not soo much of an obsession OBSESSION...just couldn't think of a lesser meaning to the word obsession right now) with anything I could possibly think of associated with the word cute. Here's two of the most dearly CUTEness I can't get enough of:

--> cuddly CUTE teddies/dowgies/beary (I know I've grown way pass the age of having to love such things...but they're just toooo adorable to resist and I'm not ashamed to admit to that fact!! But c'mon, I know I'm not alone on this one)

--> CUTE chubby (ooo pinchy pinchy)/innocent-looking/adorable/cheeky/witty lil boys (haha...I'm not...I repeat...I'm NOT a pathetic sicko who needs to pick up my jaw of the floor each time I see those lil cuties aight) But don't u guys think kids are just soooooooooooo funny and adorable?? Somehow their innocence and charming self contributes to that fact. And their distintively 'kiddy' speech...(eeee cho cuteeeee) And their oh so huggable look and nice spikey-like hair. Haha...ok let's not get carried away now.

If I had a digi cam or a camera phone or simply just anything in which I can capture...I guess my blog will be flooded by their pictures by now. Alright I know I've been blaberring non-stop about them. Better stop now before I'm conspiciously identified as an OCD victim of which the target here are cute lil boys. Yea need to get my sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp!!!!


Ale said...

(high pitched)
AWwwwwWWWwww.....cho cute i wantch to pinchy minchy inchy winchy themmmmmmmmmm or ahhhhh....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

eunice said...

(low pitched)
hhmmm...why u speaking like that?

(normal pitched)
wahahaha...u high de ah??

(high pithced)
aawww...cho cuteeeeee riteee???