Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Yes I know I haven’t been blogging for quite some time now. Have been caught up with…well lots of things other than the fact that I don’t have a computer back home in subang now. So no access to the internet for every weekend I’m back home. It’s quite hard to adapt to a live without the white box and keyboard. Let’s see…I was supposed to continue what I wanted to the previous blog but…yea I’m sure you’ve guessed it. I’ve FORGOTTEN!! Simple as that!! What else can a person like me say?

Well lots have been happening during my absence. Haha…like it would actually make any difference being here or not…but oh well, was pretty caught up with work and my so-called studies. But first let me give a shout out to my dearest cuzzie ALETHEIA who’s officially 18 now. Haha…we’re as old as er…each other! Ok that doesn’t make sense…so pardon me for that. Haven’t been blogging for so long I kinda lost touch? Sigh I don’t even know what I’m crapping right now.

Okay back to what’s been happening. Few nights ago I had a dream. A dream I wished I never had to wake up from. No it’s not some fairy tale where I finally meet my prince charming in his shining bright armour riding his white horse on his way to bring me back to his palace. Neither was it about my dream land I always dreamt about where water slides were one of the means of transportation. I dreamt about the one thing I’ve been missing so dearly I’d be satisfied to just have a glimpse of him. Now I’m sure this kinda makes you wonder who’s he right? Is he that special someone? How much does he means to me? Well all I can say is that without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Heck, I won’t even be HERE! *hint* Getting the picture who he is? He’s done so much for me words could not express my gratitude towards him. He’s been my encourager, my supporter, my friend, and has always been there for me even when good friends sold me out. He certainly brings joy into my life and in his absence I’m missing all that so much. Dreaming about him meant a lot to me cos it was the only time I could “see” him now that he’s so far away. But everything that felt so real was gone the moment I woke up the next morning. This is one dream I will never want to forget. Can’t wait to see him again!!! Funny the song playing on my mp3 now is Never too far by Mariah. Well I guess although he may be many many miles away now…he’ll forever be close at heart. =)

Well since I don’t have my computer with me back in subang…can’t do my assignments so all I have with me was the tv, my piano and the folk guitar. I’m not much of a reader (ironically…I like reading online) so I was spending my weekend mostly with that 3 things other than the normal housework. However…I was playing the guitar and somehow it always gets out of tune when I come back on weekends. So I started tuning yet again but this time…a string broke!! Sigh…now dad’s not around to change the strings for me (not that I badly need it though). Everything kinda sounds out of tune. Even my piano!! But it’s totally my fault…it’s long due for tuning and I never called the tuner to come tune it. Serves me right. Lazy bum!!!

Then on Sunday was Joseph’s wedding. My oh my was he extremely happy. He uttered the statement “this is my wife, Karen” countless times throughout the whole day!! His wedding dinner was in JW Marriot. I must admit, this is the first wedding dinner I’ve attend that I actually enjoyed. And guess what? Instead of the usual fruit cakes which I despise so badly…they were chocolates!! MmmMmm…yummy! It wasn’t just that that made me enjoy the wedding dinner. I don’t know what exactly but it was really great! Hmm maybe because there was a live band…friends of the groom who were terrifically splendid! It was a 3 piece band. A lady on violin (I think the sound of the violin attracted me most to their music), a guy and keyboards and another on guitars. It was simple yet awesome. And the surprise of the day…the groom SANG!!!! As we all know…he isn’t one who can sing but love makes everything possible. He took the effort just to sing to her. How sweet is that? His mum even told us that she never hears him sing…not even in his shower!! But I guess most of the adults were kinda ‘high’ due to the intake of alcohol and seeing them in their ‘high-ness’ state is really really HILARIOUS!!!! Met quite a number of old members as well as a very close friend of dad’s during the dinner. Everyone was practically asking about dad. Funny how everyone was saying how much I’ve grown and changed when it’s clearly after so many years a lil girl would grow up Haha. Most people can’t recognize me but someone actually said he could recognize me cos I still have my baby look! Haha…yea something I don’t get to hear often.

I guess this entry is getting really long. But that’s not stopping me haha!! There’s actually loads more to talk about but thinking too many random things at once ends up with NOTHING! Well this might not be the case for most but it HAPPENS to me. Having to work in the records office has certainly help me gain some sort of ‘experience’. For example knowing your numbers – everything has to be in order numerically and the most famous task…filing!! Although I dread going in to fulfill the hours of working…I actually do enjoy…the one and only part which is having to see people’s transcripts and coming across funny names. Name like Butt Teng Teng and Lim The Son. Seriously…it is spelt as it is. I was shocked myself! Funny how some parents can come up with such names.

Ohyea before I forget…one tremendous great news! I finally got my visa!!! YEAY! Daddy, here we go!!!! On our way to US in dec. Yipee!!! The process of getting the visa was definitely horrendous. Just went over for the third time this morning to get it done. In fact if it wasn’t for some miscommunications we would have gotten it much earlier and save us all the trouble of going to the embassy so many times. But despite it all I thank God for helping us get this visa. Although we had to wait till the very last one, I guess it was worth the wait that we’ve finally got it approved! YEAY!

Alright…alright I know this is indeed a lengthy one. Guess I should just stop here for now. Tee-hee I’m just overly excited and happy that I’ve finally got my visa! YEAY YEAY YEAY!

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