Saturday, October 02, 2004

Here I am...on a saturday the com lab...supposedly to finish up my assignment. Goodness...I've never woke up this early on a saturday ever since...ever since forever!! Was in here since 9 something and I'm freezing!! *bbbrrrr* I came here with one thing in mind --> finish up my java assignment BUT the computers that were available had no JCreator in it. BUT...with that in mind...I wisely used up my time to finish up my chemistry assignment!! YEAY!! I actually did finish my chemistry assignment. Well almost...just a lil touching up here and there.'s only due the following week. I feel silly finishing up what's due later and still hanging my soon-2-be-due assignment. BUT oh well...I'm happy that I actually finished SOMETHING! (wonder what's me with the BUTs today...)'s almost 1...library's gonna close soon. Yippeee..I'm goin HOME!!!! With lots of fruits and veges compliments of my uncle and aunt who came back from Camerons...I think!! Music practice's cancelled today...that means I'll have the whole day to myself to do whatever I want...whenever I want!! YEAYYY!!!'s getting darker...looks cloudy...might rain? I've been sitting here so long I totally forgot to u know...ease myself...speaking of rain and pee...this reminds me of something!!! Yikes...he's shoo-ing us away now. Gotta run! Ciao...have a nice weekend peeps!!! huggiez!!


Ale said...

Hehehe..had fun eating the veggies anot? I know it was a tad too much of my parents lah. They bought an overload of food stuff from the NAOTH!!!

Raining and pee-ing reminds you of what? Haha

eunice said...

hhmm it looks likes it's goin to rain...