Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Couldn't wake up this morning. Snoozed my alarm a couple of times but somehow still manage to reach in time. Wahaha. Wasn't any traffic at all. No long queue at the U-turn. So I guess it must have been all the school kids that's been causing the jam. How I wish I was still back in school. It's just much more fun and less things to worry about and besides...I'd be having holidays now if I were still in school. How nice. *dream on*

Sigh...time's really flying...or rather blasting of like a rocket into the galaxy beyond. It's only bout 4 days more...FOUR days!!!! Can u believe it? FOUR DAYS...that's like so soon!!!! aaahhhhhh....I don't want my mummy to go. I'm happy for her though that she finally would be able there by daddy's side...but...but....sighhhhhh

Oooo just got back my chem mid term results. All I can say is that I'm fully satisfied with it. YEahhh....Thank God!!!!! *jumping hysterically*

YEAh today will be a lovely IS a lovely day!!!

Yikes lecturer's here now...should start on my java lab assignment and ask him stuffs. Funny though how everyone pronounce toss as toast....let's toast a coin!!!!!

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Ale said...

HAhahaha....I know!!!!
I heard you SNOOZE it and went right back to sleep. Haha. It's amazing though, cause I've NEVER(I think) seen you snooze your alarm before if you have class on that day. Seriously. Haha. So funny!

Ey, yah lah. UCSI ppl very clever to pronounce stuff wan. All the lecturers are given classes to pronounce that way lah I think. Toast coin! HAhahahahhaha 8)