Saturday, January 08, 2005

25 dec 2004

It certainly isn't the usual Christmas celebration for me. It's really weird that the people around here take this opportunity to be with family more than to reach out. All services in church for that week were cancelled. Not even a watch night service! That's the main differences I guess. Being one who has been to Christmas events in church ALL my life, it just kinda felt weird, or different, or lost or just...hhmmm gaahhh that one-kind-of feeling lah!

On the eve of Christmas, shops and ALL sorts of business would end even before the day ended. NOTHING is open on Christmas day. Not even food outlets. Maybe it just is like that in small towns here but hmmm it's just weird. Even shopping malls were closed! Not those tiny malls like Summit but HUGE ones like MidValley or 1U. Weird huh? 'sua-ku'ness is ruling right now.

So what did we lost malaysians do on Christmas? Well, thankfully we found out that one of the cinemas were OPEN. Mum had always loved Andrew Llyod's productions. She's probably one of his biggest fans...hhmm well maybe not to that extend of idolizing him and all but yea. So yea we watched The Phantom of The Opera! When I knew it was coming out while I was back home I had always wanted to watch it. Thought I wouldn't have the chance to when I get back but I guess I wouldn't have to worry bout that I? Wahaha. Loved the movie. It was just SPECTACULAR!! My only wish now is to see it on broadway! Was wondering if dad could bare sitting quietly and enjoy this kinda show (let's just say he's a fan of action movies). Pity him though...well at least there were some minor fighting scenes (hehe). It was just great. The last time we watched a movie as a family was like AGES ago. Let me see...I think it was when I was...hhmm I far as I can remember...gahh MANY MANY years ago lah. I believe the movie was...Moby Dick? Guess it's still THAT many years since we watched a movie as a family since KOKO wasn't around. Gaahhh...I MISS HIMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Anyway...yea so after the movie, we came home and had dinner at home. Mum cooked =)'s nice to just sit back and wait for the food to be served. Well I still had to take it myself but, yea...nice to just not go through the hassle of cooking or going out to buy myself some food when I'm alone. It's nice to be with FAMILY! Gonna miss all that in a weeks time. Mann...part of me wants to go back but part of me doesn't.

*wonders off*

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