Friday, January 07, 2005


The weather's crazy. Fluctuating like mad. It was like around 20°C and suddenly it's below freezing point. Ever since uncle tony's back, I've been transferred back to the room...on the air bed (haha) while dad sleeps on what I use to bed :-p Dad's been enjoying his nightly sleeps as it's more comfortable out there. Listen to the one that has been sleeping out there;-) He doesn't snores as much as he used to. Mum...well I just realize she makes loads of noises in her sleep. She'd hum, snore...and you can even hear her tummy growl!!! Well that I don't blame her for that...mine was making a whole lot of noises too...haha it's as though our tummies were communicating. Weird! But yea...last nite was fun though. We chatted bout quite a lot of 'stuffs'. We even talked bout BOYS!!! was still in the room before that making me tell him stories. He kept bugging me bout THE question... "do I have a boyfriend?" hehe...well he didn't drop the question right away...he bit around the bush a lil before popping me that question. My was he "CHICKY"!!! Dad left the room while mum and I continue chatting. There's just so many questions on her head mannn! We were both SO AWAKE...prolly the burger we had for lunch!! Must be something they added in it *wonders*

Uncle tony has been cheeky himself too. He almost made me FALL of my chair!!! I thought it was dad cos he was just right behind me. Gee, I didn't know he could be THAT cheeky. I was sitting on one of those computer chairs...u know the ones where u can lean back and if u lean way back...get what I mean? well anywayz...yea so notti uncle tony pulled the back of the chair when I was just about to lean and being so easily shocked, I screamed!! Haha...goodness me. He was SHOCKED!!!

Hhmm...the car was sent for servicing and guess what they found?? A NAIL in one of the tyres!!!!! And all this while we were travelling with that NAIL in the TYRE. Thank GOD for HIS protection...for if not, God knows what would have happened to us. And it seems some screw near the engine part or whatever it's supposed to be called was loose. OMG! Thank God nothing happened to the car when we were in it. *phew*

Uncle tony's COOKING dinner!! kept teasing him cos this is his first time COOKING. AND he's like really dressed up for this...just like a professional chef (without that long white hat thouh). He's wearing a long-sleeve collar shirt, slacks and shoes. AND he's wearing a WHITE shirt, cooking spagetthi! No stains on his shirt though. Dad tried to take a snap shot of him but the batteries were dead. So no pics of him cooking. Hhmmm...smells really good. Better than mine hahAHHa...anyone's cooking would be better than mine lah. So anyways it's ready. Need to go be his guinea pig now. =)


-yong may- said...

hehe...wahhh so fun ah.
eh, the font of your blog is getting smaller and smaller leh.... have to squint my tiny eyes.... :p

eunice said...

Hehe...yea sorry...cos the normal size text looks really huge on this laptop. I'd normally change back to normal size just before I post it again but u know me...I FORGET easily...but yah it's done now hehe. Sorry for making u squint ur lovely eyes hehe=)

Missing you loads!! *huggiez*