Saturday, January 08, 2005


mm mm MM MM mm... uncle tony's spaghetti was YUMMYLICIOUS!!!! yummy yum yum!!!

Didn't know he's a camera shy guy. I think he's shy-er than I used to be!!! You should see the shots of him trying to hide himself away from the camera. WAhahahahaHAHAhahaha. It was time for me to get back at him. Teamed up with mum and dad to get a nice shot of him in the kitchen...but my oh my, he's reflexes are just hypersonic.

After the batteries were fully charged, dad was testing if the camera was working properly. So *snap* and subsequents of flashes appeared. Uncle Tony who was in the kitchen thought for a moment it was LIGHTNING and he actually LOOKED out the window to see if it was. He was like..."did you guys see that? was it a lightning?'s gonna's gonna rain". Mum just followed with his flow of thoughts and agreed it was lightning while dad sneaked up on him to get a snap shot. The whole situation's just hard to explain. To sum it up it was HILLARIOUS!!!! Guess my dad's living his 2nd childhood now.

And guess what? Uncle Tony plays ps2! and he's like what...30+ already? But so far I haven't seen him play any rpg games though. Mostly sports. You should see how he plays and how dad distracts him. Hahaha...aiyoooo super duperly hillarious. Makes me miss the times me and bro had. Yea I miss him loadsssss. ALE JIEEEEEEE, I miss you tooooo. Missed all the crazy stuffs we do lahhh! Oh and I was just watching the videos yongmay and I made during our trip to US. Hahaha...I still can't stop laughing u know! It was great travelling with her. Man my trip back is gonna be soooo boring without you, YONGMAY!!! Wonder what I'll do to kill time waiting for the next transit...

Alright, it's time for lunch. *poofs*

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