Monday, January 24, 2005

Burning HOT!!!!!!

The weather is freaking HOTTTTTTT! I'm meltingggggggggggggggggggg... somebody save me!!!! *plays Remy Zero's save me song in my head* *sings and shouts - SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!!!!* Okay, the heat's getting to me.

Just found out that a few quizzess are coming up next week. Sigh. Today's classes were long draggy and boring. Glad though that they've patched up the roads outside. YEah free parking!! They ran out of the season parking thingy so since it's always almost impossible to find parking in campus near block C, might as well park outside for free rite? Hehe...comes along with free tanning and exercize. Quite a good combo don't u think? (hmm prolly exceptional for the tanning part lah)

Went out for lunch with classmates today. They wanted to eat at the famous CHICKEN rice shop. Hehe...nopes I didn't touch the chicken. I had CHAR SIEW!!! mmMMmm yummy. Haven't had that for months!!!! I know my mum's craving for her siew yok kai fun, asam laksa and char keuy teow. Oh and not forgetting her KUACI!! FASTER COME BACK LAH...then u can get all that. Haha. NOt like she's reading this also. Yea but I so want them to come back=) Anywayz, on our way to the eating place, the car infront was really pissing my friend off. If he's gonna drive like a tortoise why not just GIVE WAY? But when he finally did, we all saw him picking his nose. No wonder he wasn't in control of his car. Too busy digging gold out. One of my friends quickly took down the number. 4D tmr...haha!! I think the number was 3869 (gosh I actually remembered?) Nah who am I kidding. I was just simply guessing!!

Aiyo weather's crazzzyyyyy. Oh God, please let it SNOW!! Haha...snow snow snow snow!!!


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