Monday, January 24, 2005


Just came back from late dinner with my cuzzie and housemate. Came back to cheras at about 8 something thinking no one was home cos it was dead quiet. But noticed cuzzie's car was around so I guess he must be sleeping in his room. So came online to do some stuffs and 'stumbled' upon a SURPRISE!!! Hahahaha...ALEEEEEE!!! So I ended up skyping with her. It was super funny lah!!! Even talked to my aunt!! It was really kinda funny. And even heard pck talking to Ale. (haha)

Then my housemate came back expressing his experience of dricing around kl for bout 1 and a half hours and not being able to find something nice to eat...or even if there was, there wasn't any parking or something. So he drove back to Connaught and ate McDonalds. But it wasn't enough for him. Cuzzie just woke up so we decided to all go for dinner. But it took us a 'while' to get off the computer. By the time we actually left it was almost half past ten. It was kinda funny seeing both the guys in 3 quarter shorts a tee-shirt and a cap. And both of them are TALL and SLIM!! Hehe...and it was really funny listening to them communicate (hehe). Especially when david was giving isaac the directions. Hmm then again...everything's just simply funny to me. Then while we were eating, they were talking bout lots of other funny stuffs from looks to blibical stuffs and a whole lot of stuffs lah.

Now this house is filled with voices of them both along with the sounds of the guitars. Niceeee=) Sigh I miss the times my bro and I had playing duets on the piano or even listen to him sing while I play. Chatted with him a few days ago and it was GREAT!!! He showed my some pics of some good looking guys and some really awful ones. Love my bro's new look now though. Especially with that hat thingy (whatever it's called lah). The only time I'd be able to see my bro next is if I ever go over to canada. He doesn't wanna come back for sure. If all things go well, he might just stay on there. Sighhhh...I wanna huggie him!!!!!!

Parents called on saturday. YEAYYYY!!! We talked for bout 30 mins. Dad wanted to put me on the speaker phone but then it was kinda late there and it was kinda loud. It was quite funny listening to them argue whether to use the speaker phone or not. Sigh...I MISS THEM!!!! It's been a week since I came back and I'm already missing them loads. Don't wanna think don't wanna think. Can't wait for them to come back.

Finally got all my notes sorted out. Need to start studying soon to fully understand them (duh). I hate where I am lah. Sometimes I just wish I wasn't doing what I'm doing now at where I am now. Thinking of stupid stuffs to get out of things easily. BUT it's just not that easy!!!! There's just so much more to life. There's just so much more to everything. But sometimes when u do think of the future it just really freaks you out. Then again now that the days are coming to an end, you just don't know whether to fear more or not. Gaahhhh....*rattles on to myself*

It's getting late. Should really be goin. Class at 10 tmr. A beginning of another week!! Have a great week you guys!!! Missing a whole bunch of u loads. You know who u are HAhahaHAha!!!


Ohyea, just remembered something. Pas Arthur Yoong (or is it Yong) and his family came to visit our church today. Haha...Didn't realize it was them just sitting right behind me. I noticed there were 2 quite good looking guys though. Din turn back to have a better look (haha). But was them. Daniel (the eldest son) couldn't recognize me at all. He kept saying that I changed alot and looked DIFFERENT! He was shocked that I was Eunice and thought that I was some new comer in church or something. It was funny though that he kept looking and telling how different I looked. Derrick kinda looked older than his brother. Haha but it was great catching up with them=)

Back on the computer although it's 2:34am cos I just remembered I haven't completed my biochem notes. Thought I completed it already but as I was looking through my notes I came across a lil-stack of undone notes. here I am typing it out cos writting it out would take me forever! Well yea I'm not really there typing my notes as I'm typing this but yea goin now. Gosh I'm so crappy. Okay need to stop.



Ale said...

late dinner?? *blurts out in laughter like Kah Choon*

Hahaha. Oohhh, so now I'm a surprise lahhh??
....FUNNY LAH SKYPING WITH YOU! Hahaha. PCK was talking to you lah...not me. HAha.

YOu missing me or not? You missing me or not? HAhahaha.
I misssssssssssss youuuuu jieeeeeeeeeee jieeeeeeeeeee Euniceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

eunice said...

what u laughing laughing ah??

hehehe...yea u're my surprise!!! hahahaha

of course i miss u lah...faster come back lah. u doing what in pd ah? huh? huh? huh??????