Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm back!!!

Yups yups...I'm finally back home in malaysia. Was practically living in denial for a few days. Well it's just hard, to readjust myself again (physically, mentally and emotionally). HAven't had much time to pamper myself ever since I came back. HAven't been sleeping much lately also. Mind's cranking up on me. Have to keep myself occupied ALL the time to avoid thinkiing bout some stuffs which will be bothering me forever. Sigh...

But all in all, I do thank GOD for the opportunity He has given to me. All the blessings He has showed in my life...truly it has rejuvenated me in SOME ways.

These few days were FUN yet DEVASTATING in some ways. The FUN part was of course being able to see ALE EVERYDAY and hanging out with HSUZ!! So glad she came over for 2 nights. Gonna be missing her loads when she leaves to NZ. Sigh...everyone's leaving. Everyone who's CLOSE to me is leaving. *sobs* *puts a box of tissue beside me* *pulls out one after another*

Started classes on monday. Friends passed me a huge stack of notes. GOSH they did all that in TWO WEEKS??? Looks like a month's work man! Sigh...I'm losing my mindddddd!!! Thank God for lovely friends man. What would I do without them?? Hehe =) Today's my worst day of my week. Classes from 8-5!!!!!!!! Oh the horror. HAving an hour break now. *phew*
First class of the day and I already had a quiz. Haha...definitely gonna flunk it. Don't even have the slightest idea of what the quiz was about at all. Well maybe except for 2 questions and that also I'm just guessing. Thank God it's only 1% if not I'd probably jump off the cliff or something. Mann...this sem's gonna be tough. TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH!!!! That means more work. WORK WORK WORK!!! Thank goodness I don't have classes tomorrow AND firday's a HOLIDAY!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! *jumps up and down*

*reminds self to keep mind busy* don't think of IT...don't think of IT!! aarrrghhhhh *gets hysterical*

*runs of for class*

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