Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Rush...

Woke up earlier this morning. Dad had an exam today and since it was gonna be my second last day...sigh it's been a month since I've been here already?? When I think of this in this feels as though time's been accelerating by the seconds BUT then again it feels like ages since I've seen Ale and ALL my friends back home. Gosh I miss them!! Anywayz, so after lunch, dad drop us at the mall nearby. His exam was 3 and a half HOURS!! Gosh that's long. But we were at the mall for almost 6 hours. This is what happens when your watch is dead and you don't have cellphones. Couldn't believe we were stranded in that mall for like 6 hours. Walking in and out the shops, passing by same spots ( I think the people at some stands recognized us already). We had to avoid some stalls (cos they were giving out free samples of cookies,chocs, nuts) and it wouldn't be nice passing by each time would it? But we had to, cos the mall had only 2 floors and we had plenty of time. We practically walked from one end to the other. Could finish that in like an hour and a half. So imagine how much time left we had to walk the entire mall again!

So instead of just walking around, we did a mini fashion show of our own. Haha...just to see how we'd look in clothes we wouldn't usually wear. Use to do that with Ale after every stressful exams, hoping to do it with yongmay sometime, and never thought I'd be doing that with mum!! BUT yea we did. It was pretty tiring changing from one to another, so we headed to the accessories section. Looking at necklaces, earrings and all jsut for the fun of it. Too bad I couldn't try on the earrings. Had to ask mum to put it on and let me see how it looks. Yea, I still haven't been able to take out the earrings since I pierced a month ago. Sigh...

Anywayz, after a long day at the mall, finally met up with dad and heard he PASSED his exam. YEAY!! He needed a pass for this exam to be able to register for next sem. So it was GREAT. Thank God!!! *smiles*

Rushed home cos dad needed to register. By the time we got home, uncle Tony was S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G!! Pity him though, but he was busy enjoying himself with his ps2. Gosh you should see the way he plays. He holds the controller as if he was holding the steering wheel or something and he's not even playing any motor racing games. Just american football. He has to like 'steer' himself to move his 'players'. It's kinda cute seeing a 30 year old guy doing that. I jus can't stop laughing at the sight of him playing his game. GUess he's maxing his gaming times before the semester begins. He's been playing like EVERYDAY and even had some of his friends over to play with him! Can you imagine? And guess what? One of his friend's a... YOUTH PASTOR and he's engaged, I think. Can't imagine him telling his soon-to-be wife he'd be goin over to his friend's place to play ps. And it's not like just once...I've seen him around a couple of times already. Goodness me.

Anywayz, we went for dinner at uncle Tony's favourite place ~~ IHOP (International House Of Pancakes). Well they don't just serve pancakes though. Loads of other foods there but nothing to shout about though. Food was just 'FAIR' (adopted this word from Ale).

Yikes gotta go...gotta go...gotta go...


*laughing silently*


*poofs back in*


Anytime with uncle tony is definitely crazzeeeeeeeee!! If I were to take this time to just talk bout him...I guess I just wouldn't be able to stop and I bet your tummies would be aching, laughing at every of his single moves!!! I guess it'd be easier talking bout it than putting it all into words. There's just too much 'action' I guess. WahahAHAHAhaahahah...I can't stop laughing just thinking bout it...geezz...

Anywayz, been rushing the whole day getting last minute stuffs and all. Mann, I can't believe I'm goin back alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Looks like I'm bringing back more stuffs than I had brought over :-P Need to start packing. SEE YOU GUYS BACK IN MALAYSIA SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!! Hehe...Ale dearrrrrrr I'm coming backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Oooo and Hsuz is coming over on sunday. YEAYY YEAY YEAYYYYYY!!! Another reason to look fwd to goin back home. WOOHOOOOO! I'm so excited!!!!

Hope I'd survive the LONG and BORING flight back home ALONEEEE!

toodles ~~ *poofs*


Ale said...

*laughing hyterically*

*poof* H-hello the-*poof*-re my da-*poof*-rling!
*poof* How's *poof* you-*poof*-r POOFING co-*poof*-img alo-*poof*-ng?

Why you POOFING SO MUCH? Hah? Hah? Hahahahaha.

MIss you loads=)

Ale said...