Friday, January 21, 2005

Rise and shine

It's only 10 in the morning and I'm already awake and alert. What more after I slept bout like less than 5 hours ago? *wonders* What's keeping me from enjoying my capabilities of LONG HOURS sleep??? Hmm...maybe my body got used to the fact that I've been sleeping for bout less than 5 hours the past few days that I automatically got up. Perhaps I still haven't gotten over somethings in my mind. *angel of music's playing songs in my head* Nah, I guess I just got used to err not sleeping well? Ahh...body clock's already messed up anyway.

Yea I watched the phantom of the opera again. My second time hahaha!!! I thought I'd enjoy my 2nd time as much as I did my first. Well maybe it was just tooo long and I was already tired at that time. But there were certain parts that I really liked that I still liked when I watched the second time (aiyo cheong hei-ness).

This long weekend sure's gonna help me a whole lot. Needed it so that I could catch up on most of my studies. Don't know how I'm gonna be able to cope this sem, especially with not-so-likeable-and interesting-and-helpful lecturers. My FQM (food quality management) lecturer's really nice though. Like the way she teaches although she treats us like kindergarden kids at times. I guess any lecturer who speaks proper and fluent english automatically gets credit from me. Business stats lect's one of the worst! Not only can she not teach, she doesn't even speak properly. Half the time we work our brains just to figure out what she's saying and by that time comes, we just simply don't get her actually. But thank God the syllabuls isn't THAT tough. Just need to polish my highschool addmaths, I think. Microbiology lect is alright. NO complaints haha. Biochemistry's horrible. Gosh, he doesn't even look like a lecturer. If I don't see him on coll grounds I'd probably think he's a contractor or something. *no exxagerations* (kang kang and his yellow boots) Don't really like his style of teaching either. He doesn't give notes and explains things halfway. Doesn't complete his sentence before jumping to his old grandfather's stories. So taking down important notes from him is really a challenge. Yikes first week of classes and I'm already whinning. Better quit doing that and appreciate the good around.

The past few days were really fun lah. Guess I was still in a holiday mood. But that has got to stop. Yups gotta remind myself. Assignments are slowly piling up. No more hanky pankies. Time for some serious catching up. Alright, need to print out some lecture notes and start cleaning the house. It's my week and I'm far behind it haha. Gotta run. *poofs*

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