Friday, January 21, 2005


Something's different between
You and me
And I'm not sure if it's
Good or bad
And all I know is that
From what I've seen
Maybe it's I who has changed
The feelings I'd had rearranged
A space that's between us becoming a whole
As I'm growing older

I'm almost faded
Passions jaded
Passions jaded
By my heart

Something's changing between
You and me
A bond that's melting so
A weight has been lifted from
You and I
Maybe it's better this way
I can't help but feeling okay
This sweetly is forming and molding my soul
As I'm growing older

If this is true
God set us free
Perhaps you and I are not ment to be
If in the end
We drift apart
I want you to know God used you right from the start

Maybe it's better this way
I can't help but feeling okay
This sweetly is forming and molding my sould
As I'm growing older

This has got to be the best 'break-up' song I've ever came across. NOt that I'm in need of it but for some reason it kinda relates a lil to something. It's just scary to think bout it. Hmmm...sigh. "God brings people in our life that make us who we are. Sometimes they are here for as long as life, other times they are just for a season. But they always effect our life and leave their mark, whether good or bad. I think there is a lot of emotion in that, and this song deals with some of those emotions."

Goodness. The weather's burning hot today. Been roasted a couple of times together with Ale by this crazy weather. If only it'd SNOWWWW...oops RAIN!!!! Hmm but the sky's been really clear. Sweet=) Makes me feel my eyesight's getting better and in no need for visionary aid.

Finally watched Polar Express this morning on dvd. Guess the christmassy spirit just wasn't there anymore.

Ever since my cousin brother came over to stay at my house, I haven't got a chance to SEE him. By the time I'm back he's gone. But got a chance to meet up with him yesterday. YEAY! Guessed he was really surprise to see me back home before the weekends. It was weird seeing him in formal clothes (he just got back from work) though. He was holding a pack of 'chak fun'...hmmm don't recall seeing him with a black suitcase (haha). Asked if I had my dinner and so I said I had late lunch so not hungry yet. Then he started bursting out in laughter like it's so weird to have late lunches or something. Hehe...well probably cos we were brought up in different environments I guess. He takes his meals on time all the time? Hhmmm...But he's just so funny lah. Sticking to all the 'traditional stuffs' and all ie the way he showers. For some reason he just doesn't like using showers what more the water heater. *scoops water from pail* *splish splash*

Hmm talking bout cousins, Chinese New Year's just round the corner. Mann I can't wait to be reunited with my relatives. Sadly my parents won't be around. *sobs* Gee, my first cny without my family. Looks like this year will be a year of many more first time events. Will be tagging with Ale this cny =) But I'm definitely looking forward to goin back to Taiping. Haven't seen my grandma for a while now. Gosh I really miss her lah. Wanna huggie her. And not forgetting my cute lil cuzzies!!!!! I just can't wait!! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!! OooOOo and all the cny food and goodies. Man, I just can't wait!!!! *time to forget bout weight and just pig out* *roundie ballie me*

*jumps up and down in anticipation*

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Ale said...

LOL.. Got a chance to meet up with Kah Choon and you go YEAY?? Haha. Funny lah you or!

*psst* JIE! I MISS AMMAH AH SIM! I miss her, I miss her, I miss her, I miss her, I miss her, I MISS THEM(TAiping ppl) ALL, TOO!
*runs and gives each of them a HUGE HUGGIE WUGGIE*