Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Got a lil sick of the blues that's been flooding in here. Time for a makeover...YEAH!!

Anywayz, dad's been busy studying for his exam!! Haha...it's kinda weird telling ur dad "ALL THE BEST" ain't it? But he seems so relaxed...stressed-free...easy going. If only that part of him was somewhere in my genes. I really wonder how cool and calm he can be knowing his exam's TOMORROW!!! I'd probably need a shotgun or a bazooka...if u know what I mean. So anywayz, with the time I have confined to this lil small town, mum and I have been walking alot. Going out to get lunch, or to the bookstore or grocery store, to get what we want or need...INDEPENDENT WOMEN claims uncle Tony (haha). Well the weather's warming up a lil so it's nice to do some walking.

I've been getting myself ready - physically, mentally and emotionally for my going home. Geez, I'm still in a dilemma. Hmm...oh well, there's some to look forward to... mainly --> ALE JIEEEEEE!!! It's been a LONG time...L-O-N-G!!! Gaahhh, just can't wait to do get back to our crazy daily routine back in cheras. I MISS YOUUUUUUUU *HUGGIE WUGGIEZ* And me piano...goodness my fingers has been getting pretty itchy, probably even rusted by now.



Ale said...

Haha Eunice Jieeeee... Looking forward to seeing you! Got loadsa stuff to tell you, I think(!) Haha.
Will be missing you till the day I see you=)

p/s: You've been "poofing" a lot lately uh? Hehe..

Ale said...

Oh! And... *psst* Why's everyone like giving their blogs a new look uh? HAha. I find it 'astonishing'. =)

eunice said...

Haha...fun a not?


eunice said...

Astonished?? Like the astonished man?? Or was it astonish man? or men? hhhmm....*poofs*

Ale said...

Hahaha... It's astonished man=)

HAhhahahHAhhaahHAHhaha. Can't imagine the astonished MEN.. Hahaha. So many men astonished..HAhahahaha