Friday, February 04, 2005

Burp burping belch belching...Fart farting flatunance gas...

My housemate popped up the question "wonder what makes u burp?" the other day and so I decided to look it up. Was wondering though if one could burp and fart at the same time *tee-hee*. Anyone knows the answer? Well I don't. So tell me if u do:-Þ

Anywayz, here's why we burp and fart

Burps or belches are simply the sound of gas leaving your body. When you scarf down food or even nibble on it, you also swallow air. You'd be amazed at how much air you're really sucking down your throat. If you're drinking pop with your meal, you're also swallowing another gas - carbon dioxide which is full of bubbles. Those bubbles in your body don't just float around. They need to go somewhere.

Extra gas escapes from the stomach, travels up the esophagus and comes out the mouth. It doesn't usually leave slowly. Gas can quickly escape which is why we can't always cover our mouth in time.

Farts are the sounds and smells of gas that get out through the anus. Farts may only take 30 to 45 minutes to travel through your body, but burps travel even faster. During the day you probably burp or fart at least 10 to 15 times. Stinky!

If you want to be able to burp the alphabet - or your fave Madonna song - here's the secret. The more air you swallow the longer and louder your burp is gonna be. So swallow some air and then belch out a tune!

Hahaha *pooooooots* *burps* hahaahHAHAHAhaha mann I'm bored!!!

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