Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday blues...?

Today’s definitely a break from the typical Monday blues. Although I still have to snooze my alarm a couple of times, before eventually waking up. Was literally dragging my feet to class but class was kinda exciting today. We were studying about sensory analysis in Food Quality Management (FQM) today. It started of just like any other lecture days but then we had a lil ‘practical’ of our own today which was indeed FUN!!!

Ever wondered why you have to sniff harder when u want to smell something? This is because your odour senses are located at top of the inside of the nose. It’s called “regio olfactoria”. Therefore, breathing alone would just warm and filter the air you breathe, resulting in no odour. It is only when u sniff harder (pushing the air up ur nose) that you’re able to smell whatever you’re sniffing. Sniffing too hard would result in temporary or permanent loss of sensitivity, depending on the thing you smell. Okay that wasn’t exactly what that excites me during class today. It was the enthusiasm of my lecturer who allocated time just for a mini ‘practical’ session for our sensory analysis. She brought bottles of spices and tiny objects of which we were supposed to smell and guess the product. Now that we’ve done the smelling part, it was time for TASTING. Yups, we each got a chance to taste potato chips, cuttlefish, Cadbury chocolates, ‘kuih bangkit’ and sweets all during our lecture period. It was kinda fun…writing descriptions of what we smelt and tasted. At least something different from the boring mundane routine we have each time we had lectures.

All that smelling and tasting sure did make us hungry. Headed off for lunch at “Blue Dragon” – a Thai café. They were having lunch promotions so it was almost half the price off the ordinary value. Great deal. Food was extremely scrumptious. Finally got to eat something spicy!!! Yeahhhhhh =)

Well, got an exam tomorrow. Need to hit my books now. Wishing everyone a blessed week ahead. God bless =)

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