Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Change…like it or not, it happens! Whether it is just a slight change like losing a few strands of hair daily or HUGE HUGE changes like having a whole lot of hair one day and losing ALL OF IT the next, changes happens. Why? As much as some would like changes in their lives…there are some who are happily confiding themselves to their so-called “wonderful-perpetual-life”. But this isn’t what I wanna talk about actually. I mean people are entitled to live their own lives however they want.

What I’m more concerned about is the distance one would go about making changes or simply the risk one would take to make something different happen in life. I know I’m being very subjective here but for some reason I’m curious to know if anyone would risk the fact of losing something that means a lot to you just to see if something better would come out of it. Hmmm putting my thoughts bout something in general’s kinda hard. Yea but if you do get me…let me know if you for one would risk losing something dear to you by doing something that MIGHT end up letting that thing so dear to you be more dear to you…hahaHAHaha…ok wait let me rephrase that. Would you risk trying something in hope that something better comes out of it even if it means losing that very thing which is so dear to you?


Anonymous said...

hahha be more specific more specific!! tell us exactly what u mean! :D
hmmm im trying to figure out what u meant but it is difficult taking a risk..im not sure if i would let something go if there's just a 50-50 chance of it getting better but if i know there's like 70-30 chance then i might..hmm that's gambling then :)
so write more details then i can help u decide :)
dave c

Unpredictable Mortal said...

God indeed has asked each and everyone of His children to change. Change means sacrifices we should make to get closer to God. For example, sacrificing time with your friends and just being with God or even sacrficing the things you really love and walking in the light of God.

Well, i'm not sure what sort of change you are looking for but God do want each and everyone of us to change (making sacrifices) and have our focus to be on Him.

-yong may- said...

hey u, i totally understand what u mean. i still won't give up something so dear to me although there may be something else that would be better. there is no absolute satisfaction in life. i'm so contented with my life because i'm very happy with what i have. but most importantly, i'm happy because God has blessed me so much.
thanks for being there :)

eunice said...

Hey dave=) specificity (if there is such a word) is not what i'm up to for right now though...but thanks anyway. but the probabilities of it is more likely 10-90 though haha...guess it's a big big risk...

thanks yokie!! I understand that change each of us should make in that context of sacrificing for God but as for what I was referring to wasn't really bout that though...but I guess it kinda has some connection to a certain degree but yea...thanks for the reminder!! huggiez

eunice said...

Hey yongmay!! Although I agree with you about not giving up something so dear for something else that would be better...but what if, that something else relates to that very same thing that is dear to you? now, would you still risk it? or just cherish what you already have?

It's true also that there is absolultely no satisfcation in life BUT you only get to live once...so would you just risk it? I mean it'd be worse regretting bout something you didn't try or do that would make things better than to regret trying but failing isn't it? Hhmmm.... *deep thoughts*