Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ever been in a situation where you clearly remembered doing something yet the next day you found out you actually didn't? Or perhaps you were dreaming about something that felt so REAL it's as though it just happened but you wake up and it took you a while to realize it was only a dream? Or maybe you remembered doing something last night just before you slept but couldn’t remember you woke up once before you fell asleep and later wake up to realize that you actually woke up, fell asleep and woke up again! Well here's what happened.

I was packing my stuffs and getting ready to sleep early as I've pretty much studied for my exam the next morning. I remembered browsing through my notes for the last time and checking my handphone to see the time. I realize it was still kinda early so I decided to read some other stuff. Not long after that, I was getting kinda sleepy and so decided to SLEEEP!! I was careful enough to make sure I set my alarm at 8.20am and even checked a couple of times before I eventually slept. But to my surprise, I woke up at 9:05 thinking it was 8:05 and wanted to sleep til my alarm sounds. I then realize that I thought I saw NINE instead of EIGHT and so I checked…true enough it was already NINE!!!!! Funny I never heard my alarm earlier. Trust me…I’m a light sleeper and can even wake up just by the sound of my msg tone or even to anyone’s phone/alarm for that matter. But somehow, this morning…I DIDN’T!!! Tested to see if my alarm was working (well right after I got home from my exam of course)…IT IS!!! Perhaps I did wake up and turned off the alarm but the thing is…I don’t remember doing that. Heck, I don’t even remember waking up!!! So anywayz, hurriedly I dressed myself up and grab my bag, ran (yes I was literally running) to my car and drove quickly to my college. I did make it in time though BUT something worse happened.

My mind was BLANK!!! Seriously it was BLANK!! B-L-A-N-K BLANK!!!!! I got worried, nervous, scared, I almost cried. I stared at the question paper and nothing was going through my mind. NOTHING!!! It was just blank!!! I was freaking out and just didn’t know what to do. So I prayed. And I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. No, it wasn’t in an instance I re-gained all that I’ve studied or even anything my lecturer has taught me. I was worried sick!! In times like this there’s just no time to think or doubt whether a prayer would work but I guess after all my parents had taught and nurtured my spiritual needs it was time to put it in use. I remember how my parents would always remind me each time I sat for an exam and whenever I get stuck, just call on the name of the Lord and He’ll help me. For some reason at that time I just thought it’s not that simple isn’t it? Probably to a certain degree it’s sort of like “cheating”? I mean then we can enter our exam halls unprepared and just ask God to help us remember what we’ve been taught, couldn’t we? But that was just my naïve self thinking and not understanding the big picture. I grew out of my naïve-ness then cos countless times my brain just freezes but as soon as I prayed, I can feel the calmness and slowly start to relax…then the thoughts just starts flowing and I’d be able to answer my questions in my exam. I guess panicking makes your mind go blank and when u pray…you’re just asking for peace and God’s wisdom to guide you and keep you focused. The facts are already in your head…so perhaps the folder dropped out somewhere during the panic attack you gave your brain. But never was I totally BLANK. It was scarryyy but nonetheless, with a child-like faith, I prayed and prayed and prayed and did my best. So it’s now all to God to do the rest. I just am thankful He woke me up and that I could make it in time for the exam. However this paper would be…I’m letting it go to God. I’ve did my part and my best. Oh God help me!

There…what a way to begin a weekend!! Came back home feeling lousy and all but am sure glad to see my family online. Yups got to chat with my mum dad and even my brother!!! And yes…my brother has skype now…so we were talking for almost 3 hours…it was getting late for him and yea so he had to sleep. Wished we could talk longer though. Sigh I miss my family!!!!!!! My bro said he MIGHT (and I know it’s prolly only like err…1%??) be coming back in summer. MIGHT only. Hhmm, he could have said that just to make me a lil happy after what I’ve told him rite?? ooOOoo but he once woke up late for his exam too. At least I still made it in time. As for him…exam was at 9am but he woke up at 10.10am!!!! Then he RAN in his pyjamas straight to the exam hall…pleading the examiner to let him take the exam. His reasoning…traffic jam!!! Well can’t blame him, he was still half asleep and besides that was what he dreamed!! Late for an exam because of horrible traffic. Then again…he stays in his UNI!!! Guess the lecturer was laughing his head off listening to what my bro had to say. Yes I’m going to say it again…. I MISS MY BROTHERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

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