Saturday, March 12, 2005

To be or not to be...will remain unknown. Well that is until I decide to take the risk or not.

I can't believe it's already March! It's been 10 weeks of my semester. That pretty much means finals are just round the corner *psst Ale...yes I have to remind ourselves wahahAHAHahah* I have exactly 4 weeks before my 1st final paper. *grins* This sem's timetable is just NUTS!! I have 3 papers back to back and all 3 which demand a whole lot of memorizing. *double grins* Haven't gotten back my mid-term results yet but whatever it is I still have to do well in my finals to maintain my average. More lab reports due soon but I’m glad I’ve finally finished ONE assignment. One more to go and 2 more lab reports and then it’s STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!

It’s exactly 2 months before my parents get back HOMEEEEEE and feel the house back with warmth and love and noise!! Yes, every weekend I go back HOME feeling the emptiness and quietness. U can literally hear the sound of wind (although my windows and doors are always closed). Yup…it’s THAT silent!! Dad’s having a week break now. Been chatting with him quite a lot these days. Mum’s happily enjoying herself with dad over there and my brother’s ENJOYING his life in Canada. Sigh, I MISS my FAMILY!!!!!!!!! *huggiez to daddy, mummy and koko*

It’s been a long week, consisting of the usual daily mundane life. I still think that “crazy” lecturer has really gone CUCKOO!!! She still freaks me out *shivers…hair falls*. Finally completed more than half of my working hours and I should be able to complete it a week before finals.

It’s gonna be a longggg weekend for SOMEONE who’ll only get back here on Tuesday *sob sob*. It’s too bad I can’t get to witness Isaac doing his brilliant drum solo on his CONCERT on Monday night but I’m still looking forward for Monday. Muaahahahahahaha!!! Time to rekindle the old times!! *SWWEEEEEEEEEEET*

Am feeling very happy now. Don’t know why but I LIKE this feelingggg that’s inside me now =)

Okays gotta go pack me stuff and head back to SUBANGGGGGG! Yea Mr.laksa man here I come =Þ

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