Friday, April 22, 2005

It's been awhile since my last post. Gosh and it's already a friday. One week of hols almost gone. ONe more left...

For some reason I've been bothered by something. Sigh it's the hols but it doesn't feel so. I think I got too much time to think bout silly things again. Gaaahhh...I know I said this lots of times but I really really really miss my family. I mean I want to go back to a home where everyone's there. Mum, dad and of course my brother. Sighhhhhh...

Been reading a couple of inspirational books. Never thought I'd actually take up a book and read but I guess I'm kinda liking the whole idea of READING! In fact I'm actually start to like a whole lot of things I never imagine I could LIKE.

Ish...hate the feeling of missing ppl so badly I cry just thinking bout them. *sobs*

Gotta get myself out of this soppy mood. *takes in deep breath*

Okay okay...let's look at the bright side. I guess it didn't really feel like a holiday yet since Ale was still having exams and my friends are mostly busy with assignments or the only one who was free had no one to be jumping up and about with. pathetic=Þ I guess that explains why I was much more excited than ale herself when she finished her last paper =)
Ohyea last weekend was busy making the video TOAST for Neena. It was fun and funny. THey're planning to send her the bloopers for her private viewing. Haha that'll be funny=) Come to think of videos...I can't help to think of those times when we were all back in our "acting" days being so ever excited to go for practices for christmas/easter plays. THen we'd record our practice sessions and review it back. Hahaha...but now everyone's everywhere!! It's been a while since we did any plays. The younger youths are taking over...gaaahhh gettingggggg oldddddddddddd...

Hhmmm...I realize living with someone long enough gets you to know that person really really well. get to know almost everything and can tell if one is tidy, neat, messy, lazy...etc. Dun worry cuzzie...I'm not implementing anything=Þ Nothing of you annoys me...well maybe just one. Then again that very same thing of me might annoy you as well hahaha. Dun's just your ALARM!!! Especially when you leave it ringing the whole time. But yea my alarm would have been bothering you as much fair and square=Þ
Well perhaps not just living under one roof long enough...just knowing and spending ALOT of time with someone long enough you're bound to know the person well enough but yet not everything. The moment u think you know that person sooooo well, something else pops. Surprises still comes along...amazing how humans can be huh?

Was contemplating on whether to stay on or go back to subang. Wanted to stay on so I could chat with my bro but since he's shifted out of his office and wouldn't be able to come online for a while I guess no point me staying back tonite. Wanted to talk something kinda important with him but guess it's not possible anymore. Besides, dad's pretty busy with his assignments and exams for the next whole week. Then I also remembered that I'm supposed to be meeting my schoolmates tmr so yea now I remembered why I wanted to go back today in the first place. So I guess it'd be a lil quiet for the next few days til I get back to cheras. Hehe...



AlarmAnnoyer said...

*ti ti ti ti* *ti ti ti ti* *TI TI TI TI* *TI TI TI TI*
Eunice wakeys, scrams for her phone to turn off alarm. Looks at phone- alarm not on. Thinks to self. Looks outside. Thinks harder to self.
"Ey, no. Not my time to get up yet". Pops back desperately to sleep while feeling annoyed..


alarmannoyer said...


Anonymous said...

Dave C said..

yea i definitely miss those plays..sigh those were the days..where got chance to do all that now? all our joints so stiff to do anything already :) hahah sounds like we're 60 or something.
i miss home too! the trick is..HIDE ALL PICTURES away! heheh i was looking at some the other day and i just felt like flying home there and then :D
anyway exams start tomrow so i better continue revising.

joy joy joy..

eunice said...

haha...yea david it's so true that pics do that.

anywayz...hope i'm not too late to wish u all the best!! hehe but guess u wouldn't be needing it since u're such a genius! hehe..nah but all the best anywayz!!