Thursday, July 21, 2005

As of yesterday, I've OFFICIALLY COMPLETED MY 65 WORKING HOURS. WOOHOOOOOO!!!!! Time for celebration...Ale's where's my cake? champagne? wahAHAHaha...Couldn't restrain myself from laughin when I saw the comment my supervisor wrote:

Good. She is very good. Performance satisfied.

Yups those were the exact words used.


Ale said...

Good. She is very good. She da best! HAhahhaahah

Aiyo.. yesterday i wanted to give you the champange (bubble tea wan) but you dont want woh. Your cake.. nehhh.. eat de mah.. Hahahah..
"dad's anniversary.." bwuahahahahHAhahAHhahHAHhah

eunice said...


blue champagne?? haHAhaha

champagne...CHAMPagne...champanzi chimpanzi ee-ee-oo-oo

Ale said...

chimps go "ee-ee-oo-oo" wan ah???
hahahahhahahah... not donkey meh?