Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Guess it's high time I did some updating...

Let's pick up from where I left. Hmmm
  • Last Sunday--> Potbless ~ a lil gathering with some of the ucsi-cf-ians and with some close friends. Was supposed to prepare salad but couldn't find lettuce so decided to make fruit salad. Yongmay came over after church...chatted, rested, went shopping (for ingredients to make the fruit salad). It was funny that both of us never chosed watermelons/honeydews before. But despite our inadequacy in picking ripe/sweet/juicy ones...we did quite a good job=) It was kinda funny though, how no one wanted to go home...despite certain *hints*...well it had to end earlier cos there were a few who had assignments to finish up and all...but it was fun lah...hehe oo and david's curry chicken tasted better than the first time hehe *winks* Yongmay spent the night. She slept earlier while I finished up my assignment.

  • Monday --> Had classes the whole day and had my wastemanagement lab later in the evening. It's gross that we have to test the sewage water (which had bits of pieces of faeces floating about and the stench..hhmm let's just not get there). Had dinner before Isaac dropped yongmay back home. Wanted to eat the famous duck rice in one of the shops in Jln222 but it was closed. So went to the other end of the shoplot and had hokkien me and kung fu chao yin yong and grilled fish *drools*

  • Tuesday - Thursday --> Hmm can't really remember what happened. Guess nothing much really happened other than goin for classes and all. Oh yea...2 more working hours left and I'm DONE! So much for my 10 hours per week at the begining of the sem...had to dragged it til almost end of the sem anywayz, mainly cos I wasn't allowed to work when I wanted to...hhhmmm...Oh wait, thursday...my very first violin class!! Yuppss My first proper touch (or rather right positioning) on the violin. I've gotta say though...it kinda hurts. Guess it'll take sometime before I get used to it. Speaking of violin lessons, it's really funny to have sucuh a young teacher...well maybe cos I never had such a young teacher (just 3 years older than me) but she's really nice and funny. Speaking of funny...*remembers yellow umbrella* I think from now on...I'd laugh at the sight of any yellow umbrellas

  • Friday--> Sent yongmay off for the 3rd and last time!! *Can't wait til she gets back for good=)*

  • Weekends--> Just the usual =)
Well, that's pretty much it. No class tomorrow!!! Cos lab's completed so YEAYYY and I don't have to go work...since I'm only left with 2 hours. Am kinda feeling excited but I don't know for wat reason...Just can't wait for holidays...


Ale said...

I love the yellow umbrella.. if you call it one. HAha. Is it called an umbrella? *rotfl*

eunice said...

hehe...maybe I should specify... a BIG yellow umbrella!!!!! =Þ