Friday, September 02, 2005

1st September

So it's my first day of classes. Though it's not a very long break, it still hasn't sunk in yet that hols are over. Boo hoo hoo...

Results are not out yet...thus leaving me in anticipation. Ggggrrrrrrrrrr...

Will have to get used to driving back and forth to coll now that I've shifted (or rather shifting...since I haven't shifted back all my stuffs yet =Þ) back HOME. Despite the fact of having to wake up earlier and getting stucked in traffic...nothing beats coming back HOME at the end of the day =) It's been an experience living alone away from HOME and all alone when parents weren't around.

Of course I'll be missing those times with such a lovely, adorable, funny, whacked roomie. It's been fun being roommates for over a year. Will definitely miss those days hanging out after classes, shopping, watching movies and especially our weekly visit to the pasar malam to get bubble tea/honey jelly, tau foo fa/tau huey, kuey neng kou/cakes, jagung/ban chang kuey, oh and not forgetting the ROJAK!!! The ONE thing I won't be missing from there is the SMELL of the SMELLY TAUFU!! Haha...well and of course the laughter and fun times together. Oh and not forgetting the cuteness of both you and ur bro fighting over mr.bu or simply disturbing each other=Þ And not forgetting isaac and david with their music-making to kill the silence at night or rather throughout the day...and the occasional meals david makes...his ever famous spaghetti and curry chicken, well that's what i've tasted so far as I can remember at least =Þ And also for being at home when I forgot my keys!! So to my roomie and housies, thanks for everything!!

Okay now back to my first day of class. I was rather surprised to see a new lect. My first impressions of her...decent, knowledgeable...well I guess it's just a relief not to see the lect I was expecting. Had a not-too-good experience having 2 subs with her in my previous sem. There were only bout 20 of us...most still holidaying I guess. Only taking 1 subject this sem...hoping to ace it =)


Today was also my first violin class without ale. Not that she wasn’t there…just that she came a lil later and it’s the first time not goin for class together. So anywayz, it’s funny how we came at different times for the first time and the dog had to had a lil fun with us. Yups that includes notti Chester taking our slippers, and us having to run after it to get it back... Thankfull it's still in one piece =) Hhmm but if it broke I'd have all the more reasons to get a new pair...haha =Þ


Ale said...

Chester is a naughty naughty doggie =)

Hehehe. Next time take a photo of him lah. So CUTE!!!!

eunice said...

yupyup...naughty Chester

yea you play ball with him(or was it a her?), I snap pic of both of you kayz? haha =Þ