Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here are some of the pictures from the camp...

can anyone guess where this was taken? haha i know it's obvious...well ok, so anyone care to state the obvious? =Þ Posted by Picasa

everyone say cheeeeseeeeee!! notice how red-orangey they all are? well with a handful of greyishness...haha all dressed up in their camp tee-shirts Posted by Picasa

the youths...(with one sesat fler in green =Þ) Posted by Picasa

WANTED!!! Posted by Picasa

the master behind it! So I guess if you've found Isaac, you can claim ur reward from him...muahaha! Posted by Picasa

That'll be it for now lah =Þ


Ale said...

*psst* not ALL were in their camp shirts.. I wasn't and so were a few of my 'friends'. HAha.
YOu know who rite? HInt: The one who came to sit next to me. WUAHAHAHAHHA!!
You also not in the camp shirt hoh..

Hahahha.. Aiyo.. So funny la the younger youths.. Ey, faster send me the camp photos k? PLeeeeeeeeaaaase. Thank you =)

eunice said...

hahaah...yea ah...WHO somemore ah!! the one in darkblue wan!! Ey why u din sit NEXT to her? hahaHAhaah if only I knew how to put up videos here. lol =Þ

you faster come online lah...then i send to you...attaching very the slow lah malas to wait =Þ buzz me when u're online lah k?

missing you loadsssss!!!