Monday, November 07, 2005

4th Nov...

...definitely a day to remember. The sky was perfectly clear and the day couldn't be any better if it wasn't for my dear friend =Þ

We don't meet that often, yet each time we do it'll just be crazzyyy =) goin places we've never been, eating stuffs we've never eaten, just sitting down yakking our way bout the old days, the present, apparently about anything under the sun.

It's sad tho knowing that some friends can turn their backs on you. Well if we weren't really close in the first place then I guess it wouldn't kinda hurt but seeing friends whom u were once really close with TURN their backs on you...gosh...don't they even have the slightest "feeling" or "conscience"??...does the word friendship even mean a thing to them? But I guess that's just how it is. People change over time. Things change...the environment around us change...everything just changes!! Guess at the end of the day, u'll just know who your TRUE friends are. Those who stick with you through your ups and down and not those who USE you during a certain period of time for their benefit. Gah, I'll just leave it as that lah...I could just go one but yea I better not...

So anywayz, back to where I was was indeed a GREAT DAY!! We did not exactly plan it but we ended up watching a goldclass movie. Why?
  • the line was just too freaking long
  • good seats would be out by the time it comes to our turn
  • we haven't been watching movies toegther in a while
  • we both never been to a goldclass movie
I guess the latter pretty much got us all hyped up . So yea off we went to the shortest line ever to purchase our tics. Then, off we went to Piccolo Mondo for lunch. Stayed there quite a while, enjoying the food and fellowship.

We still had some time left before the movie started so we decided to get a drink. ORdered a cuppa ice blended at coffee bean. You know how they write your name on ur order, so when the guy asked for my name...usually I'd just say my sirname to avoid the "look/stare" and wrong name spelling. But without much thought I said Eunice and surprisingly the guy understood. He even spelt my name correctly. Haha...he must have a friend by that name as well =Þ was movie time! Haha with our jakunness (alright alright maybe I was jakun-er). I guess there's always lots of excitement when it comes to first-time experiences. So, to spare yall my jakunness, just short descriptions lah -_-
  • waiting lounge - haha there was a waiting lounge? and we were standing outside waiting...
  • mini/bar [or whatever it's called lah] - if i'm not mistaken...prices for the things there are a lil wonder I saw ppl bringing in popcorns from outside
  • inside the movie theatre - nice and cozy but a lil tooo COLD. It's no wonder they provide blankets as well...but at a PRICE! Guess nothing is FREE these days.
  • seatings - there were about 15 double seats spreaded around spaciously. Seats were exquisitely comfortable...with in-built leg rests and a small coffee table in between with a service bell on it. Yups, you can actually page them to get u what ever you a price of course.
Cool aye?

On the way back...the sunset was just awesome...and there was this big huge pile of clouds...looking really fluffy and white with a small shadey lines of grey at the bottom which was just beautiful...but couldn't get shots of it as when I reached didn't not look as nice anymore...thus the sky was getting darker. Anyway here's one...

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Ale said...

when i read through i just had to say something...

these few days i've been hearing a lot of the phrase, "at the end of the day." you know ah.. my coll friends can't help but say that phrase everytime i see them.. then today rite, opened the newspaper and selectively read 2 articles which had that exact same phrase.. man, i really cannot tahan de la.. *pulls out hair* LOL. (That sounds funny) Haha..

Oh Oh... I just HAD to say this.. GOH.. ahhaha...i didn't know when ppl asked you for your name you'd say GOH. Goh.. Goh.. Heahahahahahha... I know I'm bad.. can't help it la.. sorry ya ;)

another ONE? One meh? YOu put two.. TWO! HAhaha. Kay la kay la.. i spare you my other thoughts... ahahhaha... but so funny la you. bwuahahahahha!