Monday, November 14, 2005

of patience with patients

It's been a week now since I first started my internship at Sunway Med. A week has passed, and I'm still alive considering that I've never worked before. Gee, I really wonder which I'm preferring more currently...guess I'm still not entirely up for working my whole life yet. Nopes definitely not YET.

But it's been a new experience for me. Acquiring certain new skills and's a big change from the very routined day in and out studying a very routined day in day out working life. It pretty much is still very routined. Guess life's just as routined as it can get. Here's a summary as to what I've been doing so far in this past week:
  • updating diet census/cardex
  • inpatient visitation
  • menu/diet checking
  • meal assembly supervision - which includes tasting and checking food temperature
  • liason with the Food & Beverage departmets for dietary modification
  • product supplies to patients and posting charges
  • product repacking and dispensing
That pretty much sums up what I'd be doing throughout my 2-months attachment to SunMed.'s late. Should be heading to me bed now. Will continue later...provided I still remember =Þ

[note] - To all taking SPM this year...ALL THE BEST!! Just DO YOUR BEST and LET GOD DO THE REST!!


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