Friday, November 04, 2005

Dreaming of you

Been having lots of dreams lately...mostly of the people who's been in and out of my life. Some sweet, some bitter, some just totally weird!

But this morning I woke up knowing very well that I saw my my dreams that is. Sigh I really really miss him. Never knew I'd miss him THIS much! Guess you'll never know how much something or someone means to you until it's gone.

It was kinda funny that we both were running a marathon. Where? Right on the Taman Connaught Highway. Weird aye? It was raining really heavily, in fact the roads were flooded with mud and yucky stuffs. Yet, that didn't stop us from finishing the race. At first we were running side by side but his amazing stamina just kept him going. All I can see is the back of him...slowly becoming smaller...and smaller...and soon he faded away. I could no longer see him. He's somewhere ahead of the pack. I ran and ran, trying to keep up, or rather catch up, but I just couldn't. I was on the verge of giving up as I drank more muddy splashes than I had the energy to go on. From a distance I sensed that my brother should have made it already. But slowly, the image of him from a distance became clearer and bigger. He was running towards me. He wasn't gonna finish it without me. He came back to get encourage inspire me to FINISH the race.

Not sure if there's an implication here but I guess my brother has always been around to encourage me when I almost gave up and he's truly inspired me in ways he might not be aware of. Maybe it's God's way of reminding me that though my brother may not be near...he's still praying and encouraging me to be the best I can be, for the glory of God. God I owe it all to You for giving me such an awesome brother.

Truly, home isn't the same with one absent member of the family. But I'm reminded that though we may be physically apart, we will always be close at heart. Just like how each of us were there for each other despite being in different parts of the world. So here's to my beloved family...I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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