Saturday, December 03, 2005

DECEMBER already??

Whadda you's already DECEMBER! Which means that Christmas' round the corner!! Actually the past few Christmases have been pretty different. Well especially after those few consecutive years back of Christmas presentations. I remember looking forward to school holidays and practices and times together with the youths, preparing for the BIG show on Christmas. But now, everyone's pretty much everywhere else and having that again is rather unlikely. Guess CHANGES comes with growing old. Gaahh, speaking of changes...somethings just freaks me out...Hmm but of course there are changes that I do appreciate it happening. I know it's very abstract but I guess I'm just not up for it goin into details.

O-kay...I know I've been saying this quite alot recently but time really flies! It's already end of the year. I'm already 3 quarters past my 2nd year of my degree and gee...I've been working for almost a month now. Have I achieved all my resolutions of 2005? Have YOU achieved ALL your 2005 resolutions?? I wonder how many actually DO achieve ALL of em. Raise your hand if you actually did. Now if you were one of them who raised your hand...kindly put it back down and give urself a pat on the back. Kudos to you!!

Well so it's been almost a month and I can pretty much sum up work as mundane and routined...howevere, it's the
meeting the patients that gets really interesting and fun, tho annoying at times, especially with particularly picky ones. I've come acrossed many from young to old. I dunno why but I just enjoy talking to the elderly. Maybe because they always look so pleased to have you around, to chat and listen to them...and not just being left alone. Some patients are there long enough for you to sort of know them, some in and out, and a few who is gone forever. I've been facing with death a couple of times in this one month. It's sad knowing that there goes another soul. Family and relatives of patients do all sorts of things to try and make them recover or feel better. Came across a few monks and feng shui specialist...funny I've haven't seen pastors or priests around.

Well, it's getting pretty late. I should be getting some sleep. Don't wanna be a zombie at work tmr. Goodnite world. Have a great weekend! GOd bless!!

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