Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas is coming...

I still can't believe christmas is in a couple of weeks. Hmm...but come to think of it, I'm actually feeling all christmasy. Yea I'm pretty excited. Glad to be around for Christmas here. It felt kinda weird last year celebrating Christmas in US. Not that I dind't like it...just that it's different cos I've never been away from home for Christmas. It's sad my bro couldn't come over to join us for Christmas last year. It's SAD-er that he still won't be back for Christmas this year. It's been 3 years...sigh i really really miss him!!!!

Anywayz, just some lighted pics reminiscing Christmas last year in the states.

glowy mr snowman

I've just gotten a project as one of my in-assignments for my internship. It's basically to upgrade the current system to minimize diet inaccuracies. Basically I'd have to look through the whole process in order to identify critical points of which contributes to errors and suggest ways to improve or eliminate them as much as possible. Gonna get busy with that project and my report which pretty much determines how well I do during my training.

On my experiences and encouters with patients and nurses...there's just so much to say, I don't know where to start. The most significant would be of patients I see so often and who look forward to seeing you the next day but find out the next morning I come in to work to see that they're gone. It surely is saddening to hear such a thing. I've came across 2 elderly patients who I've been pretty closely acquainted to who has already gone. One of whom who actually even remembers me and calls me by name each time I see them. Having to update census each's nice to see familiar names transferring out of ICU into ordinary wards or not seeing their names at all knowing that they've recovered and fit to be discharged. Then saddens me, not seeing those names for the fact that they're no longer here. Tho I don't know them personally...I guess it's just the fact of dealing with much death that makes me feel something. Thinking of the ones that leaves without knowing Christ...seeing their loved ones left behind in tears and loneliness...I just can't help feeling so helpless. Just being in my position and having to face all these...I seriously wonder how doctors go through it. now, how did I get from feeling so christmasy to this?? Well guess that's it for today.



DavidLee said...

You should watch Scrubs! I've got season 1 and 2. You want? Hehehe.


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