Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Apart from all my worries, struggles and difficulties the past week, I had a refreshing time at my church camp during the weekend in Lumut. Was contemplating on whether to go in the begining, knowing that there will be labs, datelines to meet and the proposal presentation round the corner. But despite all that, I went and was trully blessed by the word that was spoken to me. There's just so much to thank God for.

Had been seeking the Lord regarding a certain matter, and during the camp, God assured me yet again of His promises. There's just so much to talk about I don't know how and where to start. There was a moment in my life of dryness...I guess there's just a point in life being a 2nd generation christian where I took lots of things forgranted...but through the loving prayers of my parents, I wasn't stucked in the bottomless pits of my life.

Thank God for His special favour upon my lecturers who were assessing me for my thesis proposal presentation. Truly I could sense His spirit of calmness and wisdom in tackling the questions thrown at me. Though I was a lil shaky in between by presentation (it was nerve wrecking) but overall I think I did the best I could, especially after having to ammend my methods a day before the presentation. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragements and especially to that someone who stayed up late with me and went through my whole presentation. Appreciate it loads!!

Now back to camp. It certainly has been years since I last attended a camp. Camps are always held during my final exams, hence, not being able to get that extra boost from the Word. Though it's still the same Word of God but it just is a total different experience all together at camps. I was spiritually blessed and thankful for that beautiful word from God and that special encounter with my Heavenly Father. It was indeed a much needed break and a time of renewing my faith.

Our God is indeed an AWESOME GOD!!!

Also would like to thank daddy for driving all the way back to fetch me and relieving me from getting tired out driving back on sunday having to rush through my preperations for my presentation the next day. Thank you daddy!! And of course for mummy's prayers and for putting up with me in my days of frustrations.

It's a BIG relief that the first part of the thesis is over. A huge load taken off. *phew*
But not totally relieved as yet. It's only the begining!!! yikes!! midterms are coming up. One this coming friday...MARKETING... *big gulp*
After taking this elective, I realize why I'm still in science. Hehe...guess my brain was trained to be more scientifically inclined.

*I really miss my koko...sob sob*

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