Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yesterday's exam was surprisingly o-k-a-y! Had to rush through my last point and conclusion but overall I guess it was o-k-a-y. It's funny that ever since the proposal presentation was done...nothing's goin on, as though everything has ended. First reason, lab technicians are not free as they are fully booked for class labs and all. Second, I'm packed with exams and datelines to meet, I actually don't even have the time for the people I should spend time with.

But I guess it's a good thing for me. Cos like at this moment now, when I take time off studies and work and all...I start to think of good ol memories with my dearest brother and close friends which then makes me miss them so much more. Which brings me to thinking a whole lot of other things I shouldn't be thinking or all the regrets and what ifs and all. Hmm...

okay emo moment over.

Aih, cannot lah...still missing a whole bunch of people ALOT!!!!!

Okay...let me draw my mind off somewhere else. Let's see...hhmm pictures!! Let's look at some camp pictures...hehe

Our camp site...

Nah, that's just the makan area.

Now what do u usually come across at camps?

Yup...zZZzzZZz people. A father son moment...
But this wasn't taken during service. Just one of the afternoon mind boggling game sessions.

[I was tempted to post something up...but not to embaress the person...i decided not to hehe.]

Now what's a camp without a game of footie for the guys...Hmm wait. If u look close enough...they aren't ALL guys...there's a GIRL. Can u spot her??

Didn't take much here's the end...a groupie pic.
Everyone say CHEESEEEEEE!!

Quite blur man had shaky hands...

Last but not least....a crazy bunch of youths!!!

Okay that's the end.

Hmm...Thank God for technology and msn that connects you with friends far away.
Have been resting far too much then I should. Back to finishing that report!!

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