Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The next door neighbour...

To my dearest next-door neighbour @ beloved cuzzie,

Your thoughts and support,
Your time taken despite your busy schedule,
Your willingness to be my crying shoulder,
Your friendship and trust,
and your listening ears in times of my despair,
All of which I truly appreciate!

You are indeed a God-given bestest cuzzie!!

Thanks for letting me pour out my deepest thoughts, frustrations, and anguish and assuring me time and time again that I can be accountable to you! It sure would have been difficult to keep it all inside of me. Especially with things that I find hard to relate to others, but us being in the same position as daughters and pks helps in my daily walk of life. Having to live up to certain indirect expectations and all...it's nice to have someone who understands and knows exactly how and what it feels like to go through certain things.

Not forgetting also the fun and exciting moments we've shared!! You indeed have painted a rainbow in my life. Though we've been pretty occupied with our studies and at the end of each day we come home physically and mentally tired, it's a joy knowing that u're just a door away (hehe) and at anytime we can just pop into each other's room to unwind and relax. Thinking back of all our holidays/camps/trips/outings together puts a huge smile on my face. And of course all the funny and crazy moments and things we do and funny and weird people that we meet each time.

All of which has kept me sane from the insaneness of life itself!! A big huge beary huggie wuggiez!!

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Ale said...

Awwwwwwwwww... *sniff sniff*

That was really sweeeeeeeeeet of you to say such things. You make me wanna cry :')

Yeah, I believe it is true that I find comfort and joy having you as a neighbor. Being able to *pop* into your room at any moment, being able to tell you stories and having you tell me yours, being able to confide in someone at stressful times, being able to live the dream we always had when we were kids. Ahhhh.. *exhales* I am seriously blessed to have YOU as my cousin. Thank you for being you..

Loving you dearly,
Your Next-Door Neighbor (:
*bear hug*