Thursday, July 13, 2006

Guess who's coming to town??


But it's only July...A lil too early don't you think?

So who then is coming??

Oh wait, before that...this is a delayed post so it's gonna be like 'duh!' when you read this...

World cup's over. It was a dissapointing end for me. It's weird now that there's that sudden emptiness since there are no matches to stay up for anymore. Guess it's back to the usual routines now til the next four years since I don't follow any other football matches other than the world cup.


Studies wise...struggling a lil. To be's just so...gahh can't put the feeling into words cause even if there is a certain word to describe won't do justice to exactly what I'm feeling. I know achievements and standards aren't everything but it's just so...(there goes that word again)...that I've come to this point of defeat. I know I just can't give up but there are just those moments.

It's begining to get to me that I'm finishing my studies end of this year. A lil worried bout what's to come. What's the next step??... I'm yet to seek God for His guidance and directions.


Now, let's not stray too far away...back to where I was...

who's coming? who's coming??

*deng deng deng*

yeayness...Jim Brickman's here!! I'm not gonna miss this even if it is days before my finals =Þ

Ahh...I dream the day my picture is on that flyer *sigh*


Right back to reality...
work work work!!
oh speaking of work....2 and a half more hours and I'm done!! COMPLETELY DONE!!! DONE for the rest of my uni life!!!! wahAHahahahahaHAHAhaha

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