Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rainbow (:

On my way back from class yesterday, I saw a rainbow!!! The weather has been pretty gloomy the past few days but the sun came out after the rain and vualah...a rainbow!!! (: Not a very clear one though.

The dark clouds round about it made it more visible I guess >.<>.<

Rainbows remind me of the song I had to sing and dance to in primary school...for some reason I was pink...not even one of the rainbow colours. I had a pink paper fan and ribbons sticked to my arms in the colours of the 'rainbow'. When my colour was mentioned in the song, I had to open my pink paper fan. haHAHahaha :p I remember it went something like this:

Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue...
I can see a rainbow...see a rainbow...see a rainbow too! Don't know what goes on next but I can even remember the tune!!!

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