Sunday, August 10, 2008

The weekend story...

This is the first time I actually watched the Olympics opening ceremony from beginning to the end!!! I would say it was superbly fantastic as I wouldn't be able to compare it to the previous ones. Even if I did watch it back then, I couldn't recall anything!! I couldn't even remember the torch went off before they could light that huge pit of fire thingy (whatever it's called >.<). As most of you who know me, I don't remember much things. I forget easily!! very very easily...and I'm not THAT old yet...can't imagine how my memory span would be then in years to come. How sad -_-

Anyway... See, I can't remember what I was about to type already. Got a call from my darling cuzzieeeeeee who had lots of credit to spare huhuhu >.< Missssssssss youuuuuuuuu lahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

So yea, the olympics...I was at the postgrad dinner before was gonna end at 11 and we didn't wanna miss the opening. So we went off earlier and headed off to a friend's (Claire, an aussie girl) place. She was sooo hospitable and kept feeding us!! First, something to drink, then some sweet biscuits, then she even made some popcorns (the process of it was hilarious!!!) and to end the night, ice-popsicles!! It's like those 20sen syrup ice in that plastic tube we used to have back in primary school!!

Now, back to the popcorn. It's her first time she bought those pop-in-the-microwave-popcorn so none of us had the experience of the perfect timing for it. Why the perfect timing you wonder? That's cos the instructions on the packet was cook for 1-5 minutes!! That's a whole lot of difference okay. First, we tried 3 minutes. At about 2 minutes it started popping inside the packet and we got all excited and when the 3 minutes was up...we opened the bag and smelled something burning. Smoke started to come out from the bag. It was funny how it was kinda hot and smoke was coming out and we had to rush to the patio to prevent the smoke alarm to go off. If only I had my camera with me to take a video of that!! Some of it turned out alright tho, but those burnt ones looked like chocolate popcorns!! She had another we tried 2 minutes this time.

Guess what? Nah, it didn't burn BUT it wasn't entirely cooked! So, consensus say...2.5 minutes should do but we didn't had anymore to experiment with >.<>.<


I haven't had enough sleep the whole week...I actually woke up just in time for my area event the next day!!! Pumpkin Patch @ 1pm!!!! and I woke up half an hour before that :p We were supposed to make a pumpkin garden...but unfortunately it was raining the whole day. Anyhoo, we had nice warm pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones. It was LOVELY!

Had connect group that evening but couldn't make it cos the event was at my unit. By the time everyone left it was pretty late...and I had to catch up on my readings too. Sorry Sarah for not being able to make it that night. Haven't really been in touch with you and the rest of them since uni started ):

Just when I'm starting to feel a lil disconnected, it amazes me how God reminds me of His promises and knowing how much we mean to Him and that He'd take interest in even our lil'est matters. I was just soaked in tears this morning's service. Couldn't contain it...wished I could linger on forever! His love and presence was just so amiable!!! Oh, how great You are, my Lord!!

He is our God
He is our God
He is our God
and He is great!!!!!!!!

Can't get enough of that song! Truly in all circumstances, He is our God and He is GREAT!


Ale said...

Yoh. When I read your blog I thought.. "Eh, didn't I read that before?" Then I'm like "Eh.. no la.. different post"... "but same content!" ahahhahahaha... Then the olympics one also like you started off the same as when you told me so I thought dejavu. Huhu.. you making me doubt my own memory -_-" aih.

Lol.. and sorry for making you forget your story >.<

eunice said...

fun lehhhhh >.<

same content in a different post? got ah? the lanebow wan ah? but diff lanebow woh? which wan which wan? huhuhu :p

we both oouuuu peepouuuu >.<