Wednesday, November 05, 2008

it's been a while

since i last saw you. i have been missing you since. tears start rolling down my cheek each time i think of the good times we had. you have always been there for me and have taught me many things in life. i missed all the late night chats and stories you tell me when you come over, the many lil games we used to play together, the times i'd try to play your favourite songs on the piano, and all the yummy foods you'd cook which were always my favourite!

it was nice to see you sit down next to you to have a lil chat, just like old times. oh, how i have missed you sooo much! it's nice being able to talk to you about everything just as though you've never left. you seem to be more updated than i am!! i just couldn't hold my tears, being able to hold you and give you a nice big warm hug! we chatted and laughed and was just enjoying each other's company til there was a knock on the door. who could that be? we weren't expecting anyone...

i got up to open the door but i could still hear someone knocking. it was then that i realize i was asleep in my room and was awaken by the door knock. a friend popped by as it was time to go for a walk, as we've planned earlier. anyways, it was nice to see and chat with you again my dearest ammah, though it was only a felt like you were there right next to me. you will always be in my heart. til we meet again (:


Ale said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww *hug*

sho emo ='( me mish her too! :(

ammah.. love you!

*hugs beary*

eunice said... was soo real lehhh. i soo happy that time. get to see her and hug her (:

ammah...we love you soooo much!!!!!


Ale said...

So nice you've got good dreams. I've been getting nightmares recently. All very weird, and I dreamt a friend died! So traumatising ey. I had to rebuke it over and over again when I woke up coz I was super freaked out la. Yoh. Not good man.

eunice said...

awwww *hugz*

yea just rebuke it!!! hope you're feeling better now. try not to think about it too much. occupy yourself with happy thoughts!


hahahaha >.<