Monday, March 09, 2009

Of more ‘shoes and blisters’

I’ve come to a conclusion that no matter what type of shoes I wear, no matter how comfy it’s made to be, as long as it’s covered…i’ll get blisters!!! now my poor toes have blisters ): I know it’s been a long time since I’ve wore shoes out but for some reason, it just doesn’t fit as properly as it did when I bought them…and I just can’t walk properly unless they’re thongs. Gahhh…placement’s are starting next month and I’ve gotta be wearing them EVERYDAY! This means it’s gonna be a whole month of blister episodes til I get used to getting them and suck it up with the pain it causes )’:

Can’t we just wear thongs/sandals to work? eeeelllpppp! my poor feet needs some pampering (:

On a different note, it’s fun once in a while doing random crazy things and random crazy times…i.e. having dinner dates with friends and being invited over to their place and feeling like ice-cream to go with the choc pudding after dinner and just going out to get them despite knowing that all shops closes at 5pm BUT the 24hr mart at the petrol station. Feeling like going out for a drive…having someone else driving you, going to the beach on a COLD night, driving thru to get Macca’s choc sundae in hand while walking to the jetty in the freezing breeze, running back to the car with the heater on and chatting til late night and watching a totally random movie from the enormous pool of movies from the network…just cos the next day’s a holiday =p

Doing crazy out of the spur things like this reminds me so much of the people I do it with so often back home (which includes the cuzziebear who’s now in the same land as I am but still thousands of miles awayyyyyy).

Gaahhh…I miss doing things like that. Utilizing every single moment before placement begins where there it’ll be totally full on and NO break in between whatsoever which freaks me out thinking about the lifelessness then it freaks me out even more wondering if I’ll get through it…*big gulps*

So yea, just living in the moment now and enjoying every bit of it before 20 April! So, you’ll be hearing heaps from me til then =p

Have a great exciting week ahead everyone! (:

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