Monday, August 10, 2009

What is it called?

Had been having troubles with my bahasa terms in terms of what it means in English...and finding out that all this while I've been misusing it...especially now that I've been looking chips and crisps in specific details for my project!

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Sweet Potato

Pretty simple aye?

So while I was looking it up, I sidetracked and was curious to know what the veggies I always knew in bahasa was in English. Anyone wants to have a go with it?


...well just to name the few. Answers at the bottom of this post!

Then, I also looked at the one thing I've been wondering for a while now. Remember asking someone about it but forgot what the person said! Actually, I've been asking things that I've been wanting to know but never really gotten a straight answer or...I have forgotten. More often than not, it's the latter =p

Anyways, ever wondered what the difference between raisins and sultanas?

Dark raisins --> Most common variety found, usually made from Thompson seedles grapes and it darkens as it dries

White/golden raisins --> Also called muscats and are generally made of white muscat grapes which are seeded, specially oven-dried (rather than by sun) and treated to retain their light colour. Some golden raisins are dried Thompson seedless raisins which have been kept light by the use of sulfur dioxide.

Sultanas --> These are more popular in Europe. They come from a seedless yellow grape and are usually softer and sweeter than other varieties.

So there you go. Trivia of the day =p

Now, for the answers:

cassava => ubi kayu
yam => ubi keladi
sweet potato => ubi keledek
tapioca => ubi kayu (hehe yea they're both called that!)
kangkung => water convolvulus (never heard beforeeeeeeeee!! but it's also called water spinach)
sengkuang => sweet turnip (I always describe this as the pohpiah liao =p)
sawi => mustard

Oh noooo, the bassy music has begun! grrrrr...They should sound proof the rooms here!!!!

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