Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh, what a joyous day!

It all began with a lil vid sent from home with familiar faces and same crazy things they do whilst clapping and singing the birthday song. Thanks guys. It was hilarious!

What came next is probably far beyond my imagination. I was in disbelief. My eyes has got to be playing tricks on me. I even asked if it was for real? Like are you serious? Am I seeing what I’m seeing? Like seriously…how would you react if you saw your name on a plane ticket home? I know…you got that right. It was a plane ticket home!! Like seriously! Well for me it was simply endless giggles and smiles all night long =p Definitely the best bday gift ever! Thank YOUUUU all for that! Can’t ever thank you guys enough. No amount of hugz or words of thanks will ever be enough to express my gratitude for such an awesome surprise like this! Love you guys heaps! *biggesthuggies&kisses*

ps: i am still smiling and chuckling to myself thinking about it. woohoo!

Not forgetting the celebrations with my two most favourite ppl of all right here right now, and my fellow CG friends. Thank you ALL for making this bday such a memorable one.

Thank YOU God for such wonderful gifts of amazing friendships that You’ve placed in my life.

Gah, I sooo wanna HUG you all right now! A great big squeezey warm huggiez!


*floats high up in the air*

*big smiles*



heheHEHEheheheheEHHEheheeh XD


…and a HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY to you Mr Dr David Chan!!!! (:

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yongmay said...

Happy Birthday bestie! May God continue to pour out His blessings upon your life and you live your fruitful life! :)